Tamworth fireworks event cancelled amid ongoing coronavirus restrictions

Tamworth’s free annual fireworks extravaganza organised by the Tamworth Borough Council's Arts and Events team will not go ahead this year due to ongoing restrictions and concerns around coronavirus.

The event usually takes place in the Castle Grounds and attracts thousands of people from across the region and beyond.

Cllr John Chesworth, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Culture and Operational Services, said: “While this is a sad decision to have to make, we feel it’s the safest course of action to protect our community from the ongoing risks of the global pandemic.

“Although some outdoor events can now go ahead, these have to comply with strict social distancing measures – something we feel would be impossible to achieve for an event as big and as popular as the fireworks.

“We usually get upwards of 20,000 people at the fireworks and they tend to come from far and wide, and this is just too large to manage in the current scenario. Given the nature of the event, it doesn’t lend itself to restricting numbers and to be honest, this is our biggest free event and we welcome all, so limiting how many could attend would really go against the spirit of the occasion.

“We’re delighted that our Arts & Events team have started to organise some events again, but these are on a very small, very manageable and importantly, safe, level.

“Current rules around outdoor events and test and trace would make it impossible for the fireworks to go ahead, and nor do we think there would be the appetite or expectation from our residents for us to hold the event this year. We’re all working hard to keep local cases down and prevent any form of local lockdown.

“While it’s possible that some restrictions may ease between now and then, the fireworks has to be planned months in advance and we can’t see anything changing to the extent that it would be safe to invite thousands of people from all over into one area.

Especially as it would be going ahead at a time when we’ll also be into the winter season and the as yet unknown impact that will have on the pandemic.

“We know this is disappointing, but we feel it’s the best and safest decision. We can only hope that our sacrifices now will pay off and that we can get back to enjoying our events as soon as possible in the future.”